AMGC partners with MOVUS to help Australian manufacturers go digital

As many of us know, manufacturing in Australia continues to be a vital contributor to our economy, the sector continues to grow and turn out world leading products. But there is continued pressure on the sector – Are we cost competitive? Is our labour cost too high? Can we innovate? How do we grow when we don’t have the scale of overseas markets like Asia, Europe, or the Americas?

At MOVUS, we don’t focus on these types of negative issues. Our culture, our mission, is to focus on bringing our award winning, world-leading continuous condition monitoring solution to all industry – let’s do better, let’s work smarter rather than harder, let’s embrace Industry 4.0 and digital transformation rather than putting it in the too hard basket.

Bringing Awesome to Australian Manufacturing

With that in mind it’s really exciting announce that MOVUS and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) has launched a co-funded project that will provide 50 Australian manufacturing SME’s with an opportunity to kick-start their goal of digital transformation through a 12-month subscription to our award-winning continuous condition monitoring solution FitMachine.

Helping Manufacturers Work Smarter

AMGC identified that unplanned downtime due to equipment breakdown is a problem that costs industry BUT is one that can be overcome via Industrial Internet of Things solutions like FitMachine – low cost, quick to deploy, and really simple to use.

Dr Jens Goennemann, Managing Director, AMGC added

“This partnership is an outstanding opportunity for AMGC to get behind an affordable machine monitoring solution (for) manufacturing SME’s, to help them further boost their business and operations,”

“The FitMachine Starter Kit project is another way AMGC is looking to support Australian manufacturing to compete globally through innovation, productivity and job growth opportunities, for the benefit of our industry.”

What is the offer?

Already a low-cost continuous condition monitoring solution, the project allows 50 manufacturers to register and if qualified, receive a 50% discount on our FitMachine Starter Kit.

FitMachine Starter Kit is a 12-month subscription to our award-winning platform and includes the following:

  • 10x FitMachine Sensors
  • 1x FitMachine Gateway
  • 12-months access to our MachineCloud platform
  • Support via our Customer Success team to get started with installation and training.

Here’s an example of FitMachine in use with an Australian food manufacturer

MOVUS FitMachine in food manufacturing

Who Should Apply?

MOVUS and AMGC are focusing this project on the heartland of Australian manufacturing – small to medium enterprises. We classify this loosely as manufacturers with up to $50m in turnover and 200 FTEs. We’re flexible on this so if you’ve got any questions jump on LiveChat or send me an InMail/Email and we’ll assess and clarify.

What Type of Manufacturing Does This Solution Fit?

MOVUS already has a large of portfolio of customers in manufacturing – where FitMachine adds best value is in process-based manufacturing where operating run times are from 12/5 to 24/7.

FitMachine has a proven track record of delivering value on assets like pumps, motors, compressors, homogenisers, cooling towers, gearboxes etc.

What Should I Do Now?

We have so many success stories from our years of helping (larger) Australian manufacturers improve equipment reliability – so this is an exciting project to bring to the local manufacturing community – BUT…
This project is limited to the first 50 qualified applications only, so if unplanned downtime is an issue for your business or you know a manufacturer who could benefit from this solution then start by sending us your details via this form.

There’s no obligation – once you submit the form my team will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your operation, give you the finer points of the offer, walk you through the solution and – if you qualify help get you started.

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