Our new status functionality, time waveform features and more are here!

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Prioritising just got easy. 


Our status functionality is new and improved! The FitMachine Condition Status column now indicates whether the equipment, or the FitMachine monitoring the equipment, is experiencing any issues and how urgent those issues are. For example, if your FitMachine is not reporting, or a Yellow Advisory has been triggered for that equipment.

This change helps you quickly and easily identify what needs your attention, bringing together information from your FitMachine List Page, Alarms Page, FitMachine Admin Page and more!

Learn What the Statuses Are, and How They Indicate Urgency

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Time Waveform Diagnostic Advances

Time Waveform

On the Time Waveform Diagnostic for any given equipment (which has now been made available to all customers!), you'll now find colour mapping and tooltips.

The new colour mapping feature gives you the option to transform the colour of the spectrogram, so you can more easily identify visual changes in condition, such as peaks and anomalies.

The new tooltips, which you'll find popup when hovering your mouse along the spectrogram, further displays the exact frequency profile and time of day at any point, making finding the information you need easier and more efficient.

Take me to the Dashboard!

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Measured Data State Conditions

Measured Data Alarm States

If you've set custom Measured Data Alarm thresholds for equipment, and that equipment has alarmed, it can be challenging to keep track of the equipment's current alarm state.

Although the Status column will a now indicate a Measured Data Alarm has been triggered, and the Alarms Page shows when the equipment's state changed, the equipment's current alarm state can remain a mystery. Especially if it's been set so you won't be notified when the equipment returns to its normal state.

Thus, for each temperature or RMS alarm threshold, you can now see whether it is in its normal or alarm state on the Measured Data chart! Problem? Solved.

Learn What a Measured Data Alarm is, and How You Can Set Them Up

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FitMachine Condition Statuses, Alarm Statuses, Alarm States, what does it all mean?!


Finally, to avoid any confusion between the new FitMachine Condition Statuses, Alarm Statuses, and Alarm States, we thought we'd take a moment to differentiate between them.

As you've just read, the new FitMachine Condition Statuses on the List Page indicate the status of your equipment and their FitMachines. It helps you keep track of any pressing issues and includes the statuses of:

  • Non-reporting
  • Battery
  • Network, and the different alarms of
  • Measured Data and Condition

If equipment has the status of 'Measured Data' or 'Condition', and you travel to the Alarms Page, you'll find the alarm has an Alarm Status. Alarm Statuses indicate what action has been taken and helps you understand what needs to be done. The different statuses include:

  • New
  • Acknowledged
  • Valid
  • Invalid
  • Closed
Measured Data Alarms are unique in that they are triggered by custom RMS or Temperature thresholds. The alarm can be due to either RMS or Temperature deviating into an alarm state, or back into its normal state. Thus, equipment that has triggered a Measured Data Alarm will have both an Alarm Status (e.g. New) and an Alarm State (e.g. RMS is in Alarm State).

Learn about Alarm States Learn about Alarm Statuses

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That's all for now! Enjoy the rest of your day.

Hayley and the MOVUS Team.

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