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Brad Parsons

Brad Parsons is the CEO & Founder of MOVUS. He has extensive experience in engineering and consulting.

If You Want to Monetise IOT, Change Your Thinking

Globally, there’s a silent shift happening. The way businesses create value and capture value is quietly transforming. This isn’t a theoretical exercise being played out by corporate strategists or the Big 5 accounting firms. It’s a dramatic shift that’s disrupting existing businesses and creating completely new business models. Businesses that adapt to this silent shift will flourish, others will falter.

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IOT is Old, Meet AIOT

Next month I have been asked to present at the Industrial IOT Summit, the event is sponsored by the giants of industry, GE, Schneider, Bosch etc. As I sit here writing my presentation, I’m reflecting on the phenomena that is the Industrial IOT. Firstly, why the fuss? Sensors have been around for decades in industry. Many may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Isn’t IOT really about RTU’s, PLC’s, IMU’s (and other 3 letter acronyms?). Well yes,…. and no…. Let me explain.

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Four Ways to Put People in Harm’s Way

Each week I’m fortunate to spend time with customers and prospects to understand their asset management challenges. Each week many of the same challenges arise, the need to reduce maintenance costs, reduce downtime risk and reduce asset inspections. However there is one challenge that I would like to take a moment to highlight, in the hope that this small piece of awareness can make a difference.

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Getting Started with MOVUS FitMachine

If you’re responsible for reliability or maintenance at your company then MOVUS FitMachine will be of interest to you – but you’re likely to have questions about how to get started, where to deploy, how do we deploy this and learn about how to improve our internal practices.

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Creating a predictive maintenance offering

Over the past few months we’ve had many conversations with HVAC maintenance/service providers about how they can incorporate FitMachine into their service offering and more broadly how HVAC maintenance is delivered for clients.

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