FitMachine pilot. Why this is a great idea to start with?

One of the most important lessons that we have learnt in our four years of actively selling the FitMachine is the value that a pilot deployment of FitMachine delivers to clients. Deploying FitMachines and beginning the journey to understand asset health is for many clients a paradigm shift in thinking.

Many of our clients are continuously looking to improve their safety performance and improve the productivity of maintenance teams.

FitMachine enables a reduction in machine inspections and unplanned emergency work, which therefore allows organisations to direct maintenance teams to prioritise and plan maintenance activities safely.

It’s no longer about reacting to a failure or wondering how machines are performing. FitMachine gives you the opportunity to shift your focus to optimising machine use, and delivering maintenance based on shifts in health and degradation.

You can take this further by delving into energy use or even asset lifecycle planning. For many organisations, capitalising on these opportunities means change – changes to work processes, maintenance schedules, even workforce optimisation. And this is where the pilot becomes a valuable input into how you deliver change. The insights generated by the MOVUS platform help in the measurement of ROI and business impact.


If you want to consider a pilot deployment of FitMachine or you want to propose a pilot to one of your customers, get in touch with us today.

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