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Hello and good morning! Welcome to our May newsletter. I hope you and your loved ones are well.

We've got some great stuff today; all focused on making things easier and more efficient for you. At this time of the year, I'm sure that's something you'll appreciate. Enjoy!

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Filter out the background noise. 

Notification preferences

Is your notification centre becoming a little overwhelming?

So you only see what's important to you, we're rolling out a system whereby you can tailor which notifications you receive in your notification centre.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be adding the option to 'unsubscribe' from select notifications via your account preferences, starting with:

  1. Yellow Advisories
  2. Red Alerts
  3. Measured Data Alarms
  4. Non-Reporting Equipment, and
  5. Mentions in Alarm Comments.

Keep an eye out!

Learn About The Notification Centre Learn How to Change your Account Preferences

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Simple things often make the biggest difference. 

Update Button

Next, in response to some feedback from our favourite people, you, we've changed it so the green 'Update' button remains visible at the top of the page when scrolling down and editing equipment details. This will allow you to edit and update equipment details more easily.

Thank you very much for your feedback! If you've ever got other suggestions about how we can help make your lives easier, do let us know! We love to hear them.

Learn How to Edit an Equipment's Details

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A Red Non-Reporting Status?! Ahhh! What Should I Do?


Since our announcement last month about the new status functionality, we've received some questions about what you should do to resolve the issues this functionality is alerting you to.

A FitMachine hasn't reported in over two days? That's good to know. Now what?

Now, you can head to our article What is the FitMachine Status Column telling me to do? to understand what it means and plan out what comes next.

If you're ever still unsure, give us a call. We're here to help!

Read the Article Contact Us

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The Time Waveform Spectrogram

Time Waveform

With more new developments on their way to the Time Waveform Diagnostic, we thought we'd take a moment to highlight this feature, specifically its spectrogram.

The spectrogram, sitting below the waveform representation, is similar to a top-down view of a waterfall plot, where each horizontal line is one of the FFTs we've collected.

The spectrogram is an excellent tool for quickly reviewing changes in the vibration spectrum of your equipment, and can be extremely useful for identifying patterns of change and deterioration, even before you're alerted by an alarm!

It's a feature well worth understanding and utilising, even on a daily basis.

Learn What the Spectrogram Is, and How You Can Use It to Your Advantage

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Knowledge Base Restructure

KB Restructure

Finally, in the spirit of making things easier and more efficient, we decided to start afresh with our Knowledge Base.

We've taken a step back, thrown out the old rulebook, and reorganised the system so finding the information you need is intuitive to how you use our product.

Got questions? You can now find the answers.

Check It Out!

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That's all for now! Enjoy the rest of your day.

Hayley and the MOVUS Team.

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