Good news! We've officially dropped our new energy sensor FitPower!

Good morning. Happy May! Can you believe we're almost halfway through 2023?

You may have noticed you haven't heard from us in a while. I know, I'm sorry, parting was such sweet sorrow. For the past few months, we've been heads down, bums up, working hard on FitPower and its fantastic new feature pack - which, drum roll, please πŸ₯... Is here! πŸŽ‰ Not only that, but we have some exciting news about some upcoming diagnostic features and a pivotal change to our Events feature.

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It's Here! πŸ₯³

FitPower Launch

We're thrilled to announce that our new energy sensor FitPower and its unique feature pack are now available for purchase! 

At the core of MOVUS is our commitment to sustainability, so we're truly excited to offer a product that can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

As a little preview, today we'll be highlighting three key features that come with FitPower- the Measured Data, Energy Overview and Equipment States Charts. However, if you're keen to learn more about this pack or wish to place an order, click the links below!  

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The FitPower Measured Data Chart

FitPower Measured Data

The Measured Data Chart is very exciting in that it displays the relative current consumption of your equipment over time and how it's changing. By understanding the current consumption of your equipment, you can identify opportunities for improving energy efficiency, understand where energy consumption can be reduced, and better understand potential equipment issues!

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The Energy Overview Chart

Energy Overview Chart

The Energy Overview Chart takes a step back, and highlights, at any point in time, whether an asset was running or not -running, and how much the asset's energy usage deviated. This chart is excellent for identifying trends and deviations in your equipment's energy usage over its lifetime. For example, increased current consumption may point to the need for asset maintenance!

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The Equipment States Chart

Equipment States Chart

Our last little sneak peak for you is the new Equipment States Chart.

The Equipment States chart is unique in that it displays the different operating states of equipment, and the times in which the equipment has operated within each. This chart can be used to drill down on variances in each of your equipment's states and understand how they could impact its condition!

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Diagnostic capabilities, is that you?

Bearing Fault Diagnosis

Continuing on with the excitement... We're thrilled to announce that, with the help of one of our newest employees (thanks Vig!), we're working on new fault diagnostic capabilities for our dashboard. This feature will allow our AI to automatically detect and diagnose imbalance, looseness, and misalignment fault types using impulses in the envelope spectrum. 😱

While we work to bring it to life, we'd like to know -where should we go from here? To help us prioritise what to implement next, we'd like to know what other types of equipment and faults you would like diagnosed. Please let us know using the link below!

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Events, But Better. 

Events List Page 160523

Finally, as a sneaky bonus -on the Events List page, you'll now find that events are grouped by equipment.

Now, the page now provides a summary of the five most recent events for each piece of equipment, and for each event, you can expand its alarm history to easily understand how the event progressed. This comes as a welcome change to simplify our Events page and make its navigation easier. Enjoy!

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That's all for now! Enjoy the rest of your day.


Hayley and the MOVUS Team. 😊

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