FitPower preorders, multi-sensor platform integrations and more are here!

Good morning. Happy belated Valentine's Day! Some fun facts for you:

  • A jaw-dropping 145 million Valentine's Day cards are given each year.
  • On the day, 44 per cent of the population receives and offers chocolate.
  • Nearly 6 million couples get engaged on Valentine's Day. 😦

I hope you were feelin' the love this year. We're certainly very thankful to have you in our lives! ❤️

On that note - we've kept today's newsletter short and sweet. Enjoy!

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Pre-orders for FitPower are now open!

New FitPower Charts

Keep your eyes peeled and your inbox refreshed, because FitPower's release is only days away! 

When you purchase a FitPower sensor, you'll gain exclusive access to brand-new dashboard features like our Energy Dashboard, Equipment States Chart and more. With insight into your equipment's power usage, you can (1) recognise abnormal changes that could indicate a problem and (2) identify opportunities to save energy and reduce operating costs.

Our sensors will be available to ship no later than the 1st of April! Limited quantities are available, and it's first-come, first-serve, so if you'd like to pre-order please register your details below.

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Multi-sensor integrations are here!

Sensor Integration

With the tech sector continuing to explode (hello, ChatGPT), the ability to integrate our system with other sensors has become a top request. 

Well, it's here! Our dashboard now has the capability to integrate data from a variety of sensor types to give you one, centralised platform that's easy to use and understand.

This exciting new development means you can customize your monitoring solution to meet your specific needs, and get the insights you need to make informed decisions about your equipment.

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Visual learners, we got you. 

Newsletter KB Videos

Finally, across our knowledge base, we've started incorporating short videos explaining features like Event Impact, User Groups, Alarm Channels and more. They're a fantastic, quick way to wrap your head around some of our more unique features, so you can get the most out of your system.

These videos are on probation, so if you find these useful, want more or if there are specific features you'd like to see, please pass it on using the link below! We're like Dumbo. All ears.

See our Knowledge Base Share Your Thoughts

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That's all for now! Enjoy the rest of your day.

Hayley and the MOVUS Team. 😊

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