Digital Condition Monitoring Takes Pressure Off Water Utility Industry

The adoption of smart monitoring technology in operation has reduced the stress for many water utility operators. Drives and motors in the industry are often old and outdated but are considered too expensive to replace, or put low on the priority list. Simply installing a smart sensor to continuously monitor machine condition would lead to greater efficiency and significant maintenance cost savings.

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Smart Sensors Benefit Maintenance Teams in These 5 Ways

We’ve talked previously about how predictive maintenance is changing the game for many businesses. Smart sensors enabling the improvement of equipment efficiency and availability (you can read the full article here). This year we’ve seen a significant uptake from business looking to change their maintenance processes. They want to minimise reliance on physical inspection and routine – the proactive approach is the one for the future. It makes sense, with COVID making it extremely hard to have staff on-site to keep track of equipment health, and completely changing our concept of ‘normal’ staffing levels / schedules.

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Jan & Feb 2020 Product Update

We’re just over two months into 2020 and it seems the world is changing around us – schools, universities and offices are closing, and remote work is becoming the new norm. Many of us operate in critical industries, like food, water, sewerage treatment and energy. MOVUS FitMachine is here to remotely monitor these and other industries during these challenging times. Join me as we review some of the latest features we’ve shipped to all customers in January and February.

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