Continuous Condition Monitoring Case Study – The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is one of Australia’s largest and most prestigious Universities with facilities and operations spread around Queensland. Whilst UQ is considered an Ivy League University, it also has a reputation for being an early adopter of innovative technology – so its no wonder UQ was one of MOVUS’s first customers for its world leading continuous condition monitoring solution – FitMachine.

How They Use FitMachine

Following a Chiller failure, UQ decided to rethink traditional HVAC maintenance practices and seek out a low cost, wireless, continuous condition monitoring option – enter MOVUS and FitMachine.

UQ deployed FitMachine onto a range of Chillers and Cooling Towers – these are typical HVAC assets – hidden away in plant rooms or on top of buildings – like this cooling tower fan

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Generating a 135% Return on Investment for UQ?

The results for UQ have been excellent. A 135% return on their investment is one example of the tangible benefits from using FitMachine.

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Learn More about FitMachine

You can read the full case study here on the MOVUS website. If you’d like to know more about FitMachine you can use LiveChat on the site, or contact us via this web form.

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