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Happy Lunar New Year! And a happy belated 7th birthday to us! πŸŽ‰ MOVUS was founded on Jan 27th, 2015. It's amazing how time flies!

In this time of new beginnings, we'd like to see what we can do better. If you have a moment, we'd love to hear your feedback on our newsletter so we can make this as helpful for you as possible! You can let us know what you think here. Thank you!

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πŸ’Έ Give your colleagues (and yourself) a leg-up.

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User-Submitted Events

User-Submitted Events

Want to keep all your information in one place? You've got it.

To help you keep a record of what happens to your equipment in its day-to-day, users will soon be able to add their own events to an equipment's activity log. Power supply was cut? Submit a note! These user-submitted events will have their own list on the alarms page so you can keep your data nice and organised.

Coming to your dashboard tomorrow!

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The truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth

Validity Explanation

Better documentation doesn't just stem from documenting what happens on the day-to-day, but also the alarms themselves.

We've updated the drop-down menu so that when you mark an alarm as valid, the reasons given better suit typical VA/maintenance terminology. This change allows you to more specifically outline what caused the fault, and thus keep a better record of your common failure modes.

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Battery and WiFi Indicators

Battery and WiFi Indicators

Admins, if you've never quite been sure how to interpret the raw battery voltage and WiFi signal strength on the Device Admin Page, you're in luck! You no longer need to.

Over the next few days, how the WiFi and Battery Status for your FitMachines are displayed will change for the better. Rather than numerical values, there will be icons that represent their current status.

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Give your colleagues (and yourself) a leg-up.

MOBIUS Vibration Training

Are other plants in your organisation using FitMachine? If FitMachine has been a valuable addition to your regime, now's the time to help your colleagues at other plants get started.

Until March 31st, we're offering 10,000 free monitoring hours to your colleagues if you refer them to FitMachine and they sign up for ten or more sensors.

What's in it for you? A free course in vibration training with MOBIUS. That means a VCAT-1 course for those interested to learn the basics, or a VCAT-II for individuals already down the journey.

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What to do with false alarms!

False Alarms

Finally, receiving alarms for an asset, but see no valid explanation for the deviation in equipment condition? You might be receiving false alarms, which mean it's time to review your FitMachine's setup.

False alarms are alarms triggered because other factors are causing the data the FitMachine is receiving to change. This is often because the FitMachine has moved, isn't attached securely, the running cut-off is set incorrectly, the FitMachine hasn't been recalibrated for years, or even just because of production changes.

Learn how to diagnose what's wrong, and solve it, below.

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