Start the year right with best practice for our AI Diagnostic tools, New UX features and more.

Happy New Year! I hope 2022's treating you better than 2021 did. I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to slamming the door behind this whole COVID thing on its way out. 

We know you're busy so I'll keep this newsletter short and sweet. Maybe by next month you'll be fully back in the groove; we'll hold off on the big stuff until then.

In today's newsletter:

💵 Our new billing page for all the Bean Counters.

📈 How to start the new year off right.

🏷 A cheeky discount to help you make a fresh start.

🔔 Some more good news!

📣 In case you missed it...

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Finances have been made simple. Thank goodness.

Billing Usage Shadow

Our billing page is here, and it's glorious. This new page contains a record of past transactions and a breakdown of your account's usage.

With it, you can see how many hours your assets have run, how many they're projected to run for, how much you'll be invoiced and more. Stress? We don't know her.

However, this page is exclusively for those on our new pricing plans. Haven't made the swap yet? No worries! Keep scrolling. There's something for you further down.

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Start the year off right knowing your AI is at its best.

Running Cut Off

A new year = a fresh start, which often means hitting the reset button. Your exercise habits, sleep schedule, your AI. No? Just us?

Making sure your AI is running correctly is really important.  It helps to ensure you don't miss alarms while minimising the risk of any false alarms. We deal with enough stress; alarm qualms shouldn't be on that list. 

Never fear! You just need to check that your running cut off is up to date and restart the learning period for any FitMachines which require it. I've linked both articles explaining how below for you. We recommend doing so by the end of the month to ensure you're starting on the right foot.

A bonus tip: set a reminder on your calendar every couple of months to recheck so you're always making the most of your AI.

Restart Learning Running Cut-Off


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You get a discount! AND You get a discount!

You Get a Discount!

Aforementioned individuals yet to make the switch to our new usage based pricing plans: this is for you. Discounts galore! Not only do you get access to our latest and greatest features, for a limited time only we're offering you 150 FREE monitoring hours when you make the switch. 

Did we have you at FREE? Thought so.

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Now, this is how it's done. 

Customer Event

Last week, FitMachine picked up anomalies on several pumps and impellers at a customer metals processing plant.

The site manager was notified remotely, and instantly, via automation. The manager was able to review, issue and diagnose a significant change using a Waterfall chart, acknowledge the valid alarm and tag relevant staff members on-site to action cleaning on equipment components.

Maintenance was conducted within minutes, with minimal interruption to equipment utilisation. The team avoided build-up on multiple machines that could lead to costly failures. Work was recorded after completion with feedback for accurate maintenance logging. That's what I call machine monitoring in style. 
How does your process compare?


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BONUS: Some of our latest updates you may have missed:

That's all for now! Enjoy the rest of your day.

Hayley and the MOVUS Team. 

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