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Brad Parsons

Brad Parsons is the CEO & Founder of MOVUS. He has extensive experience in engineering and consulting.

Condition Based Maintenance Real Time Feature Image

Condition Based Maintenance Requires Real Time Condition Monitoring

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is just that - repairing assets based on condition data (ideally ahead of failure). Most leading practitioners agree that in order to implement a true CBM approach, organisations need to be monitoring their equipment continuously, in real-time. Otherwise they are still running closer to traditional, routine maintenance approach.

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The Business Case for Industrial IoT

For over five decades, industrial sensors and actuators have been instrumental in the evolution and automation of processes within heavy industries. Systems like SCADA, PLCs and RTUs have been in use since the 1960s. Distributed controls systems were introduced in the 1970s to provide distributed control of production plants.

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Fin Fans, How Many Can You Afford to Lose?

The Australian gas industry has never been in a better place, with the nation now occupying the top of the podium of gas exporters, followed by Qatar and US (1). This is an amazing achievement we can and should be proud of, but obviously resting on our laurels won’t keep us in the leadership seat.

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FitMachine Product Update, December 2018

FitMachine Self-Install

MOVUS is proud to announce the next development in our renowned FitMachine sensor. Customers can now connect to the FitMachine via Bluetooth to configure and manage it. This is enabled using the FitMachine app, now officially available on the iTunes App Store. (Google Play Store to follow soon!)

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Australian Manufacturing: Time to Invest is Now


According to the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), our national Manufacturing industry has been expanding consistently with 25 months of uninterrupted growth (1), the longest run since 2005. On the other hand, it is no secret the sector is under pressure to transform. Traditional production methods and business models are being disrupted as digital technologies advance the capabilities of the industry.

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Top 3 IOT Business Benefits

Every day there are new predictions about how the internet of things (IOT) will connect 20 Billion, 30 Billion or 50 Billion devices to the internet. I thought I’d weigh into the commentary, to give a view on the business benefits, which seem to be missing under a wash of monstrous numbers.

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If You Want to Monetise IOT, Change Your Thinking

Globally, there’s a silent shift happening. The way businesses create value and capture value is quietly transforming. This isn’t a theoretical exercise being played out by corporate strategists or the Big 5 accounting firms. It’s a dramatic shift that’s disrupting existing businesses and creating completely new business models. Businesses that adapt to this silent shift will flourish, others will falter.

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IOT is Old, Meet AIOT

Next month I have been asked to present at the Industrial IOT Summit, the event is sponsored by the giants of industry, GE, Schneider, Bosch etc. As I sit here writing my presentation, I’m reflecting on the phenomena that is the Industrial IOT. Firstly, why the fuss? Sensors have been around for decades in industry. Many may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Isn’t IOT really about RTU’s, PLC’s, IMU’s (and other 3 letter acronyms?). Well yes,…. and no…. Let me explain.

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